DeShone Kizer is the most purely talented of the bunch, but his accuracy is inconsistent and that showed at the combine.

The order the three will go in the draft is still completely up in the air. The feelings 49ers general manager John Lynch had — where there are things you like about each — probably holds true for most teams.

Watson and Kizer are my top two, and then a gap before Kizer and Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech. Mahomes is impressive, and the rating between he and Kizer is minimal.

During his media session, it was apparent that Mahomes knows the technique issues he has as a quarterback. Mahomes has the best arm talent in the draft, but his footwork is messy and he has a tendency to just throw the ball anywhere. If he can truly be developed in a situation where he sits a season, he could be a franchise quarterback.

The consensus among NFL teams in Indianapolis was that after those four, Davis Webb of California is the next-best quarterback. Because there are so many teams needing quarterbacks, he could get picked much higher than expected.

David Roth once described Van Mil’s delivery like this:

That’s about right, and it means that Van Mil can throw hard, and he can let go of the ball closer to home plate than most pitchers, but he can’t guarantee that it will go where he wants. That’s almost as important as making a hitter look for another deadly pitch, which Van Mil doesn’t quite have.

Your job during the WBC isn’t to notice just how tall Van Mil is, but how he isn’t successful. He is a living example of how hard pitching is a proxy for how baseball works and how it doesn’t.

Your other job is to see if he’s getting closer to making the majors, too.

Don’t look at how tall Van Mil is. Watch his catcher’s mitt. See how much it moves with each pitch, especially the fastball.

Don’t look at how tall he is. Watch the breaking ball. See if hitters are flinching, or if they can lay off without any problems.20

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