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College basketball is a tough sport to cover. There are 351 Division I teams, which means if you want to check out one at any given time, you re probably missing out on the chance to watch at least 50 others. The American public has little desire to stay up until 1 a.m. (on the East Coast) just to watch Gonzaga play Pacific on ESPN2 in order to establish a more educated opinion on the merits of the Bulldogs as a national title contender. College hoops media members do.

Any media member who s written anything on Gonzaga this season has immediately been hit with a dozen variations of they re overrated/we hear this every year/they re going to lose early in the tournament on Twitter. For the people who put significant time and effort into establishing the basis for the story they just wrote, this is like a math teacher being handed the answer to a complex equation with no work being shown.

Yeah, your answer may have some merit, but tell me how you got there. I know your road wasn t fueled by as much effort as mine was.

Wide receiver Willie Snead was the only non-Brees player to throw a pass for the team last fall. The other two quarterbacks on the Saints roster were Luke McCown Knock Off Cheap Jerseys and Garrett Grayson. McCown will be 36 next season, and Grayson, a former third-round pick in 2017, has never thrown a pass in a regular season game.

That backup plan leaves room for Make Cheap Jerseys improvement and Payton may not be happy with Grayson s development if he s flirting with the idea of bringing in another young passer. Manziel has undeniable talent and the ability to make the no, no, no, no, YES plays that drive coaches crazy but make fans explode from their seats. Though he only went 2-6 with Cleveland, that was the best winning percentage of any Browns starting quarterback not named Brian Hoyer between 2014 and 2017.

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