Let’s wildly speculate about the NHL expansion draft, the Flyers, and possible trades

In the past few days, we’ve taken a deep dive into the forwards that the Flyers will have to make a decision on in the expansion draft, as well as the defensemen and goalies. On Wednesday, we came and pulled all of those groups back together, and tried to make an initial guess as to who Cheap Discount Jerseys the Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys Flyers will protect and who they’ll lose.

While guessing what the Flyers and the Golden Knights will do at this point is nothing more than throwing darts — only they know how they feel about the 11 players that we took a closer look at over the past three days — right now we should have a fairly good grasp on the Flyers’ situation and what the options are in front of them. We know what the key decisions they’ll have to make are, even if we can only guess how they’ll handle them. Assuming that the team’s situation doesn’t change between now and June 17 when expansion lists are due, we know what the key questions to ask are.

Meanwhile, the Ducks head to Edmonton down by two in their series against the Oilers. Edmonton has shown its speed this series, and a guy named Cam Talbot is also helping out in goal just a bit. The Ducks can be put on the ropes here if they can’t solve that brick wall soon.

That’s an important point about player contract length. How many times have we heard, well you can’t fire the players? These days, if you think you have the right coach, you can just shuffle the roster. I don’t know that the coach-player power balance has shifted all the way over to the sidelines, but it has shifted a little.

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