Oklahoma City has come down to the same sad dilemma all season

Oklahoma City’s season ended on Tuesday in a 105-99 loss, a series that should be remembered as much closer than the number of games indicates. But in the final 48 minutes of the Year of Brodie, Westbrook showed all his talent, his flaws, and everything that made him the most eye-catching player in the league.

For 48 minutes, Westbrook was utterly, absolutely Russ.

Westbrook’s line speaks volumes: 47 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, 15-of-34 shooting. His fourth quarter stats reveal another layer: four points, 2-of-11 shooting. Let’s go another layer: on his final shot attempt, he stole an offensive rebound from the Rockets, who really should have known better, immediately scored on a layup, and missed a free throw in a foolhardy attempt to earn another possession through offensive rebounding, even though the made shot would have turned it into a three-point game.

Oklahoma City has come down to the same sad dilemma all season: right or wrong, they routinely ask Westbrook to do the impossible. Often, he actually does it, which is why he will likely be revealed as the league’s MVP. The arguments are so close, but when you often see a player do impossible things, it’s hard to say he’s not deserving.

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