Smiling Gregg Popovich hilariously tries to outrun cameraman

By the end of February, Thomas was on pace to do something historic. With an average of 10.5 points per fourth quarter, he was set to surpass Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Tracy McGrady for Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada the highest fourth-quarter scoring since the NBA began tracking the stat in 1996. While Thomas finished the season with 9.8 points per fourth quarter — still more than Bryant (9.5), James (9.1) and McGrady (8.6) — Westbrook ended up leading the league with 10.0 points per fourth quarter.

The 0.2 points per game separating Thomas from Westbrook obviously Cheap Hockey Practice Jerseys doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things because the Bulls still need to have an answer to Thomas’ late-game heroics, especially when you consider he got those numbers shooting 46.7 percent from the field, 37.6 percent from the 3-point line and 89.3 percent from the free-throw line. Simply throwing two defenders at him when he has the ball in his hands isn’t the solution, either, because Thomas was one of the best off-ball scorers this season. 33.8 percent of his offense came from spot-ups, hand-offs and scoring off of screens, according to, and he ranked in the 80th percentile or better in each of those plays.

Gregg Popovich really loves the postseason. Just check out this hilarious video of the Spurs head coach laughing (surprise) while trying to outrun a cameraman ahead of Game 3 in Memphis.

The NBA playoffs can really bring out the kid in anyone, even normally stoic and grumpy coaches.

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