Zaza Pachulia finds his way with Warriors, keeps chasing elusive 3-pointer

Zaza Pachulia thought this might be the year. He is 33 years old, has played 14 NBA seasons, grabbed 5,274 rebounds, set thousands of hard screens and irritated Kevin Garnett (among many others) dozens of times. But the one thing missing on his career resume: a 3-pointer.

When Pachulia entered the league, the average team was making 5.2 3-pointers per game. This past year that nearly doubled to 9.7. His team, the Warriors, made 12.0 per game. But Pachulia? In 14 years, including the playoffs, he is 0 of 28 from the 3-point arc.

Last summer, when he signed with this sweet-shooting Golden State bunch, you had to think that was going to change. Thought the same thing, too, Pachulia told Sporting News in an interview. But I am still searching, my man, still searching. These guys are not doing a good enough job teaching me to shoot a 3-pointer. I still need some time, one year wasn’t enough.

Sometimes a star heaves up an extremely difficult shot and gets Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys it to fall because that’s what a star does. Or that star finds an open teammate, but that teammate Cheap Ireland Jerseys misses, and the game is lost. Or, when it all comes together, clutch and correct meet for a special moment, and we get Johnson’s runner to beat the Clippers.

Time, score, fouls, transition vs. half court, set vs. switching defense. So many elements come into play at the end of a game. George processed what was in front of him in an instant, and Miles did the same.

Maybe George doesn’t have to take the last shot. Maybe he just needs to make the right play. But that wouldn’t be clutch, now, would it?

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