Packers’ Jamaal Williams up, 49ers’ Joe Williams down in rookie RB stock watch

The 2017 NFL Draft class of running backs is ready for a collective big rookie impact — in both reality and fantasy football. It also goes well beyond the potential fantastic four taken at the top.

But as we still eagerly wait their debuts in game action, what have the notables done through training camp practices so far?

Here’s a pre-preseason breakdown of the notable rookie running backs in 2017.

Carolina hasn’t hidden the fact that McCaffrey will be heavily featured in the passing game, with every kind of short-to-intermediate pass coming his way. His receiving production projects to be off the charts, right in between Arizona’s David Johnson and Cleveland’s Duke Johnson.

Harrison may be nearing 40 years old, but his litany of terrifying workout videos proves that he’s defeated Father Time in a rep-based lifting competition. He’s so jacked, he has to wear sweatshirts for his workouts so he won’t distract other people with his 24-inch pythons, brother.

Combine his freakish physical strength with his unmatched intensity, and you’ve got the makings of an in-ring monster. Harrison is just a ridiculous chest tattoo and some terrible math from being the NFL Jerseys Free Shipping next Scott Steiner. Holler if you hear that.

Mike McCarthy and the rest of the coaching staff keep saying Ty Montgomery NFL Jerseys Wholesale is now a complete back in his full conversion from wide receiver, but there’s no way Green Bay can feel confident giving him a feature’s workload, given some of his continued issues in pass protection.

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