Felix Hernandez congratulated Adrian Beltre on 3,000 hits in the middle of an inning

On Sunday, Adrian Beltre notched his 3,000th career hit in MLB. On Monday, the Rangers played the Mariners and faced Felix Hernandez on the mound. In a previous life, Beltre and Hernandez were teammates in Seattle.

While they are still friends and mess around almost every time they face off, this at-bat was slightly more poignant than their other games opposite each other.

Before he threw a pitch to Beltre, Hernandez approached Beltre and gave him a hug to congratulate him for reaching the career milestone over the weekend. It was a quick moment but meaningful in its sincerity, and it happened in the middle of the game instead of before or afterward near a dugout.

Devers rounded home with a smile on his face as wide as the Charles, and was greeted by excited teammates who almost certainly were being mimicked by pumped-up fans at home who are feeling good about Devers being called up this soon in his career.

He didn’t just help Boston win with the home run, but he made history with the hit as well. This homer made Devers the youngest Red Sox player to hit a home run in a game since Tony Conigliario all the way back in 1965.

He was also the first Sox player to hit a home run for his first Cheap Paintball Jerseys major league hit since Daniel Nava in 2010, who was coincidentally put on the 10-day DL by the Phillies today.

At 20 years and 275 days old, he of course can’t match Conigliaro’s 1964 campaign that saw him jack 24 homers at just 19 years old and change, but that’s certainly okay by Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys Sox fans since the team could really use him right now and he’s started his big league career with authority.

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