Remember that Lonzo Ball is a playmaker playing with a roster of unfamiliar faces.

Part of the hypercriticism of Ball is fueled by the rookie’s predetermined image because of his father’s antics. Whatever your thoughts, it’s ridiculous how harshly he’s been roasted for having a bad summer league game as a rookie.

Ball wasn’t drafted for his ability to score like Curry. He’s a unique point guard with a special type of vision that allows him to see plays before they happen. We saw that 20 seconds into the game with the lob to Ingram.

He shot awfully at 2-of-15 from the field and was lost defensively throughout. But he played a very Lonzo Ball game otherwise with five points, five assists, four rebounds, two steals, and a block. That’s a full stat sheet, except for the shooting percentage.

A pass-first guard isn’t going to be comfortable playing in his first professional game with a bunch of people he met last week, no matter who he is. Of course Ball turned the ball over three times and didn’t control the game like some had hoped.

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