Von Miller is prepping for the NFL season by joining a children’s ballet class

Miller crashed a ballet class last week with some of his teammates to become a little more graceful before football season, or so we can imagine. The kids looked stoked to have Von Miller there to practice alongside them, especially given his history on Dancing with the Stars.

No word on whether his latest dancing resulted in some of the problems he had when he appeared on TV.

“I’m assuming it’s going to be a big change,” Stafford told the Detroit Free Press in April on becoming a dad. “Not as many naps, which is disappointing.”

Big change in life? Yes. Big change in diapers? You bet.

Don’t these look like a couple of healthy babies who are going to take Big Heapin’ Poops? Good thing Stafford had a great season last year.

It’s a smart way to spend his money — responsible, too. Derek Carr went the Chick-fil-A route, which is one that I’d go as well if I got a fat NFL contract.

As the children get older, Stafford’s spending habits might change, but he won’t be short on money.

Burfict ran directly to the stands and jumped into the front row where Cheap Jerseys NBA he could celebrate surrounded by Washington fans.

“It’s unfortunate, and knowing Willie, a bit Cheap Jerseys Online China surprising,” Saints coach Sean Payton said via ProFootballTalk.

Snead is entering his third NFL season out of Ball State. Last season, he had 72 receptions for 895 yards and four touchdowns.

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