Why Phillip Dorsett could have a breakout season with the Patriots

Newly acquired Patriots wide receiver Phillip Dorsett is a guy I broke down when he was coming out of college. He wasn’t very big at 5’10 and 185 pounds, but he was explosive as hell. The thing that I noted in that breakdown was that his college coaches at Miami just didn’t seem to get the ball in his hands nearly enough. He had the kind of talent that you normally want to feed, but they didn’t even seem to make an attempt to do so.

Mayowa understands this so you will rarely see him rushing behind the quarterback. Instead, when he feels himself getting too deep, he either stops and comes back inside or he does a spin move to work back to the quarterback.

Mayowa is about 6’3 and 250 pounds. He plays bigger than that, and he is as complete a defensive end as the Cowboys have on their roster. I understand people focusing on Charlton and Irving because those guys can ball. I’m just saying that if Mayowa stays healthy this year, I think he has a real chance to get to double-digit sacks.

He is ready to take a big step forward this year, and that’s why Mayowa is my choice for the Cowboys’ breakout player for 2017.

Hell, there were plenty of times when he was open deep and his quarterback either didn’t see him or didn’t get the ball to him accurately. His numbers easily could’ve been better.

He had the look of a guy who belonged as a starting wide receiver Cheap Jerseys Wholesale in the NFL, rather than someone just being stuck in there because the team Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys didn’t have anybody else.

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