Orchard is a natural pass rusher.

He has some good technique with his hands too, but where he really wins is with how he turns his hips toward the quarterback throughout his rush and his bend around the corner. A guy with that kind of ability, if he can stay healthy, is going to get playing time even if it’s mostly on passing downs.

But, I mean, ain’t many defensive linemen complaining about getting to pass rush. Whether Nate Orchard eventually starts this season, or if he is just a nickel rusher, I am expecting him to be very productive as a pass rusher, easily besting his rookie numbers. That’s why I chose him to be the Browns’ breakout player of 2017.

Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess are entrenched as starters, but I feel like Shepard could easily be the third option at wide receiver for the Panthers this year, maybe the best No. 3 they have had in some time. He combines the speed of a Philly Brown with the size and toughness of a Jerricho Cotchery, and hands that are probably more reliable than both. Once Cam Newton sees what Shepard can do, I expect he will get more and more comfortable throwing him the football in crucial situations.

I hope it doesn’t happen against my Bucs (it probably will), but I think Cheap Kids Soccer Jerseys Shepard is in the perfect situation to show everybody that he is no longer “just a special teams guy.” He may not double his output from last season, but if he does I Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys wouldn’t be surprised at all.

If he can stay healthy, he will be a vital part of that Panthers offense by the end of the season. That’s why I chose Russell Shepard to be the Panthers’ breakout player of 2017.

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