Report: Panthers bidding tops $2.5 billion

As the sale of the Panthers progresses, the bidding seems to be escalating beyond the interests of some previously reported bidders.

According to Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg, the price of Jerry Richardson’s team Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap has reached $2.5 billion, which would be the highest sale price ever for an American professional sports team.

That reportedly has caused one bidder to drop out, as Philadelphia e-commerce billionaire Michael Rubin is no longer in the running according to the report.

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The Competition Committee’s proposal defines football move in three ways: (1) taking a third step; (2) reaching or extending the ball for the line-to-gain; or (3) having the ability to do either.

The first option is clearly objective; the er either takes a third step after catching the ball or he doesn’t. The second option is primarily objective in most cases, it will be obvious when a er is reaching or extending the ball. The third option is inherently subjective, requiring officials to determine in real time whether the er could have taken a third step or reached/extended for the line-to-gain, if he’d wanted to.

That last component apparently was implemented to address situations where the er has no reason to take a third step or reach/extend the ball, such as when a catch happens in the end zone. Absent some sort of time element, a er who has the ball knocked out of his hands the instant he gets a second foot down in the end zone would be regarded as having caught the ball, even though most would viscerally react to that by saying, No catch. So the er who catches the ball in a situation where he doesn’t want or need to take a third step or reach/extend the ball needs to have the ball in his possession for some period of time before a catch becomes a catch.

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