Joe Ellis meets with Broncos players regarding NFL’s new anthem policy

Broncos president Joe Ellis, who along with G.M. John Elway essentially run the franchise, met Tuesday with the team’s players regarding the NFL’s new anthem policy.

Per Klis, the decision wasn’t unanimous (they should have just called it unanimous, because that’s apparently a thing now), but all players abided by the new policy. There’s no reason to think any players won’t abide by the NFL’s now policy, which requires any Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys players who would protest during the anthem to go to the locker room.

Even if Kendricks lingers on the market a little bit longer, he’ll almost certainly be with a new team before the Eagles have settled on the linebackers who will be filling out their defense this season. Assuming all continues to go well with Jordan Hicks‘ return from a torn Achilles, he and Nigel Bradham will return in leading roles and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said Tuesday the team will be taking its time figuring out who will join them.

“The plan is to just have competition and see what comes of it,” Schwartz said in comments distributed by the team. “This time of the year you’re certainly open minded for all positions. We communicate that to our team. Whether it’s a player that’s a rookie, whether it’s a veteran, we have some guys that — we have a lot of guys come from different points. We have some young players that have worked up in our system. We have some guys that we brought from other teams and we have some new players on the roster. We’ll shake it all out, and when we get to the end of training camp, we’ll try to go forward with the best plan that we have.”

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