The Patriots’ rocky offseason hit another snag with Julian Edelman receiving a four-game suspension.

Terrell Owens won’t attend his Hall of Fame induction ceremony after he finally stopped getting snubbed.

Two women resigned from the NFLPA domestic violence group citing lack of Got Cheap Jerseys change.

Take a look at the 2018 NFL All-Discount team, built with the best value players at each position.

Deion Sanders thinks the Cowboys should apologize to Dez Bryant Lsu Cheap Jerseys and bring him back to Dallas.

With so much negativity recently surrounding the NFL, it’s nice to remember the many amazing things NFL athletes are doing off-the-field.

The NBA and MLB are already pushing state legislatures to adopt integrity fees. Their argument is that the legalization of sports betting will carry increased monitoring costs for leagues to ensure the integrity of their games. It might, because it figures that sports betting’s legalization will prompt more people to participate in it. A 1 percent tax is commonly floated. New York’s proposed bill has the rate at 0.25 percent of handle. New Jersey’s bill does not include such a tax.

I think the argument is there, Wolohan says. So, all of a sudden, we’re gonna go from one state, Nevada, and now we’re gonna be monitoring 30 states or how many of the states get into this. So, will there be increased monitoring costs? Maybe.

The message being sent here by Owens is bigger than just his absence. The Hall of Fame assumed it could drag him along, and that when his time came, Owens would be ready to step up on the stage, talk about how great this moment is for him, and how important it is for his career and in his life. There would be one last show, and it would be in deference to the Hall of Fame, after they had their way with him.

Instead, he’s choosing to peel off into defiant silence. Owens is somehow going to make this his own, which is exactly how Owens made his career: Doing things he wanted to do. We don’t know how he’s going to do that yet, but one can assume he’s going to make it worthwhile. After all, he left us with endless memories during his career.

While he won’t be making a speech in Canton come August, he’s still saying a lot by not showing up. And it’s the perfect ending to his storied career.

Mark Geragos, the lawyer representing Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, says NFL owners colluded because of Trump.

My NFL experience has taught me that you need your coach to coach your players hard, Khan told me recently. Some coaches think they need to be more psychologist than coach. I disagree. We can hire psychologists. This is a hard game. It has to be coached hard.

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