Steve Keim’s suspension comes at a bad time for the Cardinals

There’s never a good time for a team to be without a General Manager.

But for the Cardinals, having Steve Keim away from the team for the next five weeks seems particularly ill-timed, considering the multiple issues they’re dealing with at the moment.

As noted by Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic, Keim’s suspension after his Good Site For Cheap Jerseys recent DUI arrest comes at a time when the Cardinals are trying to reach a long-term contract extension with running back David Johnson, as well as filling in a number Lebron James Cheap Jerseys of holes on the roster.

In the interim, team business will be handled by vice president of player personnel Terry McDonough (a former G.M. candidate) and director of football operations Mike Disner, who handles the salary cap.

Nothing against Steratore, but that’s pretty good. And congrats to Steratore on a long and distinguished career. Hard to blame him for opting for the comfort of the broadcast booth; it’s sure been good to some of his peers. If you want some insight into the 15-year vet of the stripes, our old friend Peter King did a really cool inside look at Steratore and his officiating crew back in 2013.

Several players have talked about their desire for more guaranteed money in contracts and Bakari called it a CBA issue that extends well beyond Bell’s own negotiations with the Steelers.

So that brings us to where the Cowboys are in 2018, and why I think it’s probably not smart to discount them based on the skill-position questions they have. Jones didn’t say this, but others in the building have—Bryant simply wasn’t what he used to be last year, and Witten had lost a step too. The end was coming for those two, one way or the other. And no, there isn’t a pedigreed player waiting at either spot.

What’s there, however, is a roster that’s young and ascending. Leadership will shift. Jones told me that as Martin signed, he told his All-Pro guard, We need you now more than ever to step up, you and your group, Tyron and Travis. With Jason being gone, y’all are gonna fill that leadership role. On Prescott, Jones says, He’s got rare leadership skills, and he trusts that the quarterback knows it’s time to show it.

But more importantly, he knows they can play.

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