Garoppolo reads to the front side here, and is forced to hold the ball until Hogan can clear on the smash route

I completely understand if some teams have hesitation about trading for Garoppolo, given the extremely small sample size. But there are plenty of positives on the tape, and it’s not like he has come out of nowhere. (Remember, Garoppolo was a second-round pick out of Eastern Illinois.)

Sure, Garoppolo is still developing. And there will be situations where his lack of reps shows up during games. But given the five key areas we just looked at, Garoppolo should carry high value if the Patriots put him on the trade market.

However, Garoppolo reads to the front side here, and is forced to hold the ball until Hogan can clear on the smash route. This leads to a poor throw and a hit on the quarterback. The correction? Read to the blitz side and throw the hot to Julian Edelman (yellow circle) with Patrick Peterson showing off-man at the snap.

This is just one example, but NFL teams have to take it into account given Garoppolo’s lack of playing time. There will be some situations where Garoppolo has to climb the learning curve. And that should expected.

Eric Decker, WR; Nick Mangold, C; Sheldon Richardson, DL; Darrelle Revis, CB; and Brandon Marshall, WR

New York needs a hard reset in Todd Bowles’ third year at the helm after crashing from 10-6 to 5-11 last season. Decker, Mangold, and Marshall are all expensive veterans who can still be productive, but would likely benefit from a change of scenery. Cutting them could be a rare win/win scenario. The team could be looking for an excuse to cut Revis in the wake of charges he’s facing in Pittsburgh anyway.

Richardson is a different case. He’s undoubtedly talented, and his ability to rush the passer makes his $8 million cap hit palatable when he’s maximizing his potential. However, a lack of effort on the field and a spate of bad headlines off it have made him a headache for the Jets. Moving on from Richardson makes sense, and while New York will likely seek to trade him this offseason to recoup some of his value, there’s a chance the franchise jettisons him in order to chase a fresh start.



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