NFL draft order 2017: Eagles own No. 14 pick after Vikings win coin toss

The Philadelphia Eagles are owners of the No. 14 pick thanks to a coin flip victory for the Minnesota Vikings over the Indianapolis Colts on Friday.

Ironically, both the Vikings and Colts would have benefitted from Indianapolis winning the toss. The only team helped by Minnesota’s victory are the Eagles, who will pick 14th overall instead of 15th. Had the Colts won the toss, the Vikings would have owned the 46th pick, but are now scheduled to pick 48th instead.

I wasn’t able to fully replicate the challenge due to extenuating circumstances. It’s a Friday, during Lent and I’m Catholic — this means I can’t eat meat. However, I did get a slice of mushroom pizza because I heard someone say once that mushrooms were “meat for vegetarians.”

The milk was a standard 2 percent grocery store milk poured cold into a 12 ounce glass. The pizza was a New York slice from the best local joint near me, simply garnished with some red pepper flakes and oregano. I felt it necessary to eat the slice how I normally would, so it could act as a sort of control. Here is the result.

I really do not recommend this to anyone. It’s not horrible per se, it’s just a bad way to eat pizza and does nothing to enhance the flavor. I say this roughly an hour after eating the slice, and my stomach is not happy. The glass of milk is still sitting in front of me too, here’s what it looks like.

Mario Chalmers: The former NBA champion with Miami is still recovering from a torn Achilles suffered while a member of the Grizzlies last March.

Marcus Thornton: The Nets waived the well-traveled scoring guard after acquiring him from the Wizards in the Bojan Bogdanovic trade.

Jordan Farmer: Another former Grizzlies player that’s available for anyone who wants a point guard.

Jordan McRae: Cleveland let go of the 25-year-old combo guard to make room for Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut.7

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