How did we do on our first 2017 NFL mock draft

The days following the NFL draft mean two things; a celebratory period for the players who found new homes at the offseason’s biggest party, and a hard reset for mock drafts everywhere.

One of Washington’s wins in the regular season came in the absence of NFL Jerseys Cheap Al Horford. The center was Boston’s prize free agent signing of the summer, a player the Wizards needed to become an Eastern Conference threat, but they ultimately fell short. Jae Crowder fanned the flames when he explained the Celtics pitch in a summer interview with MassLive.

“He’s a perfect fit,” Crowder said. “That’s what we were telling him. He had Washington and some other teams looking at him, but we beat them four times this year. You don’t want to go there.” Well, Horford did in fact go there.

The regular season series ended up split 2-2 but we are sure to see plenty of drama now that this regular season rivalry finally heads to the playoffs.

The Spurs will also be dealing with the likely loss of Parker and will have to make some serious adjustments in their backcourt, while the Rockets need to regroup now that the real Spurs have decided to show up.

However, the early returns don’t seem good: a non-contact knee injury that he couldn’t put weight on and required his teammates to carry him off the floor.

It’s easy to forget in all the commotion and coverage of Chayka as a “stats-driven” GM (or in Spector’s words, a “stats geek”) that he has in fact, to coin a phrase the traditionalists like to throw around at every opportunity, “paid his dues” in the game. As a highly-rated OHL draft pick and goalscoring junior winger whose career was curtailed by injury, and someone who had earned a reputation of knowing the game inside out thanks to his work with the company he founded, Stathletes, he has seen the game from both sides.

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