The media and fans can only sway NFL owners and GMs so much.

Gabbert made the play, part of a first half in which he finished 11 of 14 passing for 185 yards and led two touchdown drives. Gabbert was 6 of 6 for 107 yards on Arizona’s first two drives in a 20-18 loss to Dallas.

“Any time you can get in a game situation, the reps are invaluable,” Gabbert said. “You go out there and practice day in and day out with the same defense, the same guys out there every day. Any time you can carry that over to the game, where you’re playing a different opponent, they don’t know what plays are coming or have seen the plays over and over again. You can really see how this offense can get rolling.”

How much meaning Gabbert’s first outing with the Cardinals carries is up to the beholder, but its impact is two-pronged.

Take Anderson’s recent appearances on ESPN’s “NFL Live” with Trey Wingo, or her appearance on CNN with Don Lemon. At this point, most people would probably agree the 49ers quarterback is being blackballed by the NFL for taking a knee during the national anthem last season.

Well, if the NFL is really quarterback-driven league, why don’t the league’s biggest stars come off the sidelines and support Kaepernick?

“Where are the quarterbacks?” Anderson asked Wingo. “Where is the diversity Pittsburgh Steelers Cheap Jerseys in the support Paypal Cheap Jerseys of a fellow brethren in the NFL who this is happening to?”

The media and fans can only sway NFL owners and GMs so much. But what if Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers and other quarterbacks added their voice to the debate? Or, what if they — brace yourself — actually threatened to walk if their fellow QB is driven out of the league for a silent, legal protest

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