Ian Desmond made Rockies shirts that Tupac wore and the nostalgia is fantastic

How do you know if a shirt is cool? If Tupac wore it, you’re probably safe.

Colorado Rockies outfielder Ian Desmond took that famous mantra to heart by buying his teammates T-shirts based on a Rockies shirt that Tupac apparently once wore. And, yes, it’s fire.

Still, I have a lot of questions here: What was Tupac doing in a Rockies shirt? I’m not even sure Tupac ever visited Colorado, and the origins of this picture are mysterious at best. Also the MLB hat and Pizza Hut box have to be mentioned, too — Pac knew how to put together an outfit.

Apparently Desmond thought so too — he liked the look enough to have the shirts custom made:

“I had the idea to have it made,” he told MLB.com. “I liked it, so I thought other guys would like it, too. Obviously Twitter liked it and they blew up over it, so I had a bunch made for the guys.”

Which means he is the only person in the history of the league to hit for the cycle three times in the same ballpark. He’s only one of four people to hit for the cycle three times, period. And the last person to do that before Beltre completed the feat was in 1933.

Just a fun tidbit that allows us to marvel at his sometimes unbelievable skills, which can get lost among his shenanigans.

This might be his signature move and one that he can’t even explain with any certainty as to why it happens. In 2016, Beltre attempted to explain the phenomenon to MLB.com, saying:

I don’t like doing it, but it normally happens on breaking balls — when I’m trying to fight off a breaking ball. Somehow my knee goes down and I just see the ball and swing. I don’t like doing it, I wish I could stop doing. I think it hurts me more than it helps me. Sometimes when I go Cheap Queensland Jerseys to one knee I think that I could’ve hit the ball better if I didn’t. But it happens and it’s Cheap Replica Jerseys just reaction. I’ve been doing it too long to change now.

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