Falcons’ Mohamed Sanu rocks Ric Flair cleats before game vs. Bills

Mohamed Sanu is letting his inner Nature Boy out.

The Falcons receiver showed his custom cleats to the world on Twitter Sunday, which pay homage to WWE legend Ric Flair.

The restaurants include Baxters Family Food & Fun (Tennessee), Borio’s (New York), Canyon Road Barn & Grill (Texas), Cooper’s Landing (New York), Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House (South Carolina), Sarita’s Grill & Cantina Denham (Louisiana), and WOW Cafe & Wingery (Louisiana).

While they all posted full statements, the biggest takeaway is they won’t show games until the NFL takes more action.

Baxters : “Until the NFL comes to its sense on this National Anthem tragedy, we will no longer be showing NFL games at our restaurant.”

Borio’s : “Due to the recent decision of the Pittsburg Steelers team to stay in the Cheap Jerseys Bike locker room during out country’s National Anthem the Borio family will no longer show the NFL in our Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses restaurant. If and when this disrespect ends we will be happy to show this product on our restaurant again.”

Canyon Road Barn & Grill : “For the 99 great things being an American Citizen affords us, there will always be that 1 that ignites some. Freedom of speech being exercised in this establishment so COME FOR THE FOOD BUT STAY AT HOME IF YOU WANT TO WATCH AN NFL GAME :) Put your money where your mouth is…Semper Fi.”

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