2015 NFL Draft: Here are the craziest fans and most outrageous jerseys

Seriously, just listen to this enthusiasm. It’s like he doesn’t even know that he’s cheering for a team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 47 years.

So will this guy be happy come Thursday night?

Probably not.

I personally followed those 250,000 people around for that past three days, looking for the five craziest because following fans around is sometimes what CBS Sports pays me to do. That being said, let’s take a look at the five craziest fans I found in Draft Town — and then we’ll look at the craziest jerseys.

Five craziest fans

Chrometastic Saints fan: This Saints fans gets bonus points because the helmet he’s wearing is cooler looking than the helmet the Saints actually wear. For an up-close look at the chrome gold helmet, you can head here.

Here’s what Mr. Saints fan’s gold helmet looks like next to a standard Saints helmet.

Big Nasty: I’m not calling this guy “Big Nasty,” because I don’t call people bigger than me names. “Big Nasty” just happens to be the name this guy goes by. The Buccaneers fan below is Keith Kunzig and he has been going to Bucs games for over 20 years (Here’s a story about him from 2002!) The Big Nasty didn’t gore anyone with his horn at the draft, but he did take pictures with hundreds of people.

Kunzig didn’t travel alone to Chicago, he actually brought a buddy who’s apparently as crazy as he is.

Finally, in the “I didn’t dress up but I still qualify as one of the craziest fans because I wore an Aaron Hernandez jersey” category, this guy won.

Besides the Hernandez jersey, there’ve been a few other interesting jerseys at the draft. Let’s start with the family below. I’m not sure where mom is, but if she’s wearing a Jake Plummer jersey, then they have every Broncos quarterback who’s won a playoff game since 1983 covered.

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