Lions keep looking at RBs, Mike Davis the latest

If they keep this up much longer, the Lions will eventually bring Barry Sanders in for a visit.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, former Seahawks running back Mike Davis is the latest back to make his way to the Motor City, visiting there as the first stop in his tour.

The Seahawks didn’t tender the restricted free agent, ostensibly to save the $1.907 Texas Rangers Cheap Jerseys million. But Davis showed some flashes last year, if you call gaining 64 and 66 yards against the Eagles and Jaguars in December flashes (on 16 and 15 carries, respectively).

There is a bulletproof aspect to the NFL. The scandals pile up, but the business keeps rolling along. Ratings may fall, but not too much. The Panthers go on sale, and the bidding reaches $2.5 billion, according to Bloomberg. The NFL cuts a deal for streaming rights and garners a cool $2 billion.

Scrambled data means the data values are adjusted up or down by about 20% from their actual value.This turned out to be a huge positive for Pittsburgh as Kentucky linebacker figuratively fell into its laps with pick No.And then we just kind of – as the game expressed itself – with the hot hand.The Colts just didn’t play well at all for the first three quarters of the game, and though they mounted a comeback, they had dug too big of a hole.

He’s now scheduled to make $4.5 million, with $3.5 million of that in a fully Wholesale Cheap Jerseys guaranteed base salary.

That’s probably enough to guarantee his roster spot, and for a 31-year-old guard, that’s not a bad deal.

You might have an idea of what a good number is for a quarterback like Cousins on a guaranteed deal, but what actually represents a significant outlay at guard or inside linebacker? And what happens when you strip out the team options tacked onto the end of most free-agent deals and extensions? Who actually has the biggest contract?

Let’s go position by position and compare financial apples to apples to get a sense of what the top of the market is at each spot on the field. For each specific position or archetype, I’ve included the largest annual salary on paper among active deals. I’ve also included the largest three-year value for a player at those same positions, which is a measure teams use to calculate the amount of money a player is likely to take home from a given deal. It considers the cash a player will actually take home over the first three years after he signs his extension as opposed to his cap hit or the amount of new money he received in the deal.

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