Kansas State center B.J. Finney declared when asked about his biggest strength

In other words, you can’t just block the guy in front of you, you’ve got to be prepared for another defender looping underneath and into your gap. I appreciated this comment because it’s not a skill that you hear mentioned all that often the ability to recognize and react to line “games” like stunts and twists is an integral part of playing on the line.

“I’m very consistent in my play.” Kansas State center B.J. Finney declared when asked about his biggest strength. “I’m the same guy, it doesn’t matter. It takes a long time to really make me mad, so I don’t let emotion rule my game. I play level headed and I play smart.”

As for an area in which to improve? “[Moving] my feet in the second half, when I start getting tired. I’ve got to keep moving my feet as a wrestler, and I tend to lock up and muscle people. That’s the main thing I’m looking into and trying to get better at is keeping my knees bent and my feet moving.”

As a former wrestler, though, Finney knows how to use leverage to his advantage. “It helped me being able to manipulate different positions of defensive lineman, using their momentum in my favor, especially in pass protection,” he said. “Being able to get their hands off of me, not being able to be moved too much.”

Amari Cooper is the headliner here. The Alabama star took away the prestigious Biletnikoff Award in 2014 as college football’s best receiver. He should already be a first-round selection, but a good combine could strengthen that status.

This test of lateral movement is known as the 5-10-5 drill and combines side-to-side movement with the ability to turn and explode. For receivers, it’s similar to getting off the line of scrimmage.

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