Just spike the ball and punt, Jaguars

As previously explained, the Spike Factor is not supposed to be a perfect indicator of offensive ability, but I would like to think it’s not entirely meaningless as a measure of how well or poorly a team plays. But six teams (Arizona, Cleveland, Carolina, Green Bay, Chicago and Philadelphia) won in Week 2 despite having a Spike Factor higher than their opponents’, and five (Dallas, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Arizona and Chicago) did the same in Week 3.

In fact, the Eagles have now defied the predictive abilities of the Spike Factor in all three of their wins. Naturally, that leads me to wonder: what if this statistic I made up isn’t actually useful?

Terrifying. Truly terrifying. The whole spreadsheet is here, if you even care anymore. You’re pretty much just sticking around to laugh at anyone who plays quarterback for a NFL team in Florida.

Larry Donnell is the truth.

Back in early August, Ed Valentine of Giants blog Big Blue View wrote the following:

It seems more and more apparent that the Giants will have to scour the waiver wire or explore the trade market for someone who can be a consistent pass-catching option at tight end.
You can hold off on that waiver wire search. Donnell had three touchdowns receptions before the two minute mark of the first half on Thursday night.

That’s no shot at Valentine — nobody saw Donnell, an undrafted free agent who was playing on the Giants practice squad two years ago, exploding onto the scene like this. He now has four scores on the season and leads the team in receptions.5

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